Child Travel Vest - Easy, Safe, Convenient and Legal

The five top reasons to buy: It's easy, safe, convenient and legal. And did we mention how great it is for travel with children? Vest, a car seat alternative, works as travel booster seat or travel car seat.

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Convenient Safe Narrow Booster Seats

The Versions are very similar with only slight differences. While Version 3 can be adjusted for height with the straps in the back, Version 2 can be used with lap-only seat belt and a tether. Version 2 vest will be FAA approved for flight soon.

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A Safe and Legal Car Seat Alternative sometimes called the Safe Rider Vest by mistake

Light weight, easy to carry, child keeps it with them. But best of all the RSTV is a safer alternative. it's a narrow booster seat alternative that will allow you to fit 3 across in a back seat.

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How is it Different?

This child travel vest is:
Easy to carry.
Easy to fit 3 across.
Light weight.
Less bulky.
Easy to store.
(Just hang like a coat.)
Makes traveling with kids easy.

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Is it Safe? Is it Legal?

Yes, the Ride Safer® Travel Vest has been crash tested and meets or EXCEEDS all FMVSS 213 crash test requirements for a child restraint system. You can view safety information and crash test videos right here on our site.

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Why is it “better”?

#1 The RideSafer® Travel Vest continuously holds the seat belt properly on the child.
#2 This booster seat alternative lowers their center of mass in the seat which is beneficial in a crash.
#3 The RideSafer® is easy to use correctly every time.
#4 This child travel vest is very easy for the child to wear their safety device and have it with them whether going to school, a friends or across the country. (Traveling with kids and this travel car seat is a DREAM!)

I purchased RideSafer car seats for our grandchildren. We love them! They are really easy to use and convenient to take with us on vacation. They are small enough to fit in our suitcase, and they are easily fitted into any rental car. This is our second set of Ride Safer seats. We LOVE them! — Judith M., grandmother
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