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different This child travel vest is:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to fit 3 across.
  • Light weight.
  • Less bulky.
  • Easy to store. (Just hang like a coat.)
  • Makes traveling with kids easy
  • Safe

    safeYes, the Ride Safer® Travel Vest has been crash tested and meets or EXCEEDS all FMVSS 213 crash test requirements for a child restraint system. You can view safety information and crash test videos right here on our site.


  • The RideSafer® Travel Vest continuously holds the seat belt properly on the child.
  • This booster seat alternative lowers their center of mass in the seat which is beneficial in a crash.
  • The RideSafer® is easy to use correctly every time.
  • This child travel vest is very easy for the child to wear their safety device and have it with them whether going to school, a friends or across the country. (Traveling with kids and this travel car seat is a DREAM!)
  • An Easy, Safe, Convenient and Legal Child Restraint / Booster Seat Alternative

    Introducing the RideSafer Travel Vest

    When we travel to Mexico, we take the RideSafer Travel Vest. We use it to get our girls safely from the airport to the hotel and back. We don't want to lug heavy car seats since we don't go off the property yet, of course, want the girls to be the safest possible on the shuttle ride. It works well for traveling in New York City as well when we need to jump in and out of taxis. It's a terrific and safe alternative! Samantha Harris ~ Past host of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and correspondent at ‘Entertainment Tonight’ Photo Credits: Benny Haddad, Photographer
    So, I LOVE THIS CAR SEAT!!! Seriously. Its taken about a week for my son to be really and truly solo on it. AND he loves it too! Its so cool too because it can stay in the car with the latch on the back. A wonderful surprise was that cool book it came with! Super duper awesome! Liza Mucheru Wisner, Competitor on The Apprentice in 2010
    I use it when we travel mostly, and then it is a lifesaver during the school year as I carpool with 2 neighbors. It is such a great invention. I bought a vest for my younger daughter and a Bubble Bum for the older for a road trip. I'm planning on getting my older daughter a vest also. The Bubble Bum isn't comfortable for long rides. As far as cabs go, they are so easy. I just use the shoulder strap. I've never been comfortable "Brittanying" the kids in a cab and the vest is so easy to carry around if you have a large purse or backpack. It really is a godsend when in an urban setting. Even my parents can use it! lol! Kristin K. ~ Mother
    Just went on vacation with my 2 kids ages 4 & 6. We've tried renting and we've certainly tried carrying 2 seats in the past. I laughed quite a bit this vacation knowing I had 2 carseats in my carry-on! What a difference. Really took out the worry about what to do about seats for the kiddos and saved my back to boot! What a convenience! William S. ~ Father
    It took more than two years to determine what she was going to transition to when the time came. So far this solution has made me feel very good about not just her safety but her comfort. She doesn't have to sit in a plastic framed chair which was one of the main reasons I couldn't find a big kid car seat that truly satisfied me. I am happy I found your product. I am trying to spread the word. For those with 6-year-olds who think they are too big for boosters and car seats, I can't possibly imagine agreeing with a child's opinion when their safety is of utmost priority. With the vest she feels like she isn't so young up against her 13-year-old brother and his friends that might be piling in the car. Dawn L. ~ Mother