Version Comparison - RideSafer Travel Vest
RideSafer evolution
evolution of RideSafer travel vest

In the past the RideSafer manufacturer (Safe Traffic System) had two different versions on the vest.

Previously the RideSafer 2 was the tetherable vest and the RideSafer 3 was the vest with some adjustability for height. The manufacturer finally figured out a way to have both features in one vest, the Delight.

So with the newest version there is only one vest, the RideSafer Delight. When ordering though you have the choice between receiving the vest with or without a tether strap.

If you looked on Amazon and are wondering what the difference is between the Type 2 and Type 3 vests. The RideSafer Delight Type 2 and RideSafer Delight Type 3 are the exact same vest, just that the “Type 2” comes with a tether strap and “Type 3″ does not come with a tether strap. We don’t use Type 2 and Type 3 as it just confuses people so we just have the one vest with choice to purchase with tether or no tether.

(Since currently Amazon is also a reseller — therefore a competitor to our small family business — they won’t allow us to change the listing and make it less confusing.)

Here are what all RideSafer vests, past and present, offer when used with a lap/shoulder belt:

  • Keep the lap portion of the seat belt low and properly positioned on the lap/thigh and the shoulder safely positioned mid-shoulder.
  • Move with your child, keeping the seat belt in the best pre-crash position (unlike a booster seat).
  • Offer innovative energy-absorbing components, which distribute the crash forces over a wider area of the body compared to a just a vehicle seat belt crossing the body as in a booster seat.
  • Reduce head excursion and decrease possible head injury by allowing your child to sit directly on vehicle seat, which is more comfortable, too, than a hard plastic shell with a thin cushion.
  • Are lightweight and easy to pack for trips or vacations.
  • Are easy and convenient to transfer car to car.