What if my vest was being worn during a crash? - RideSafer Travel Vest

What if my vest was being worn during a crash?

What if my vest was being worn during a crash?

Here is the Crashed RideSafer Vest Protocol:

  • If the tether was used with a lap-only seat belt, Vest & Tether must be replaced.
    • If the Energy Absorbent Tether Anchor Loops or Extenders were used also, all pieces must be replaced including vest.
  • If the lap-shoulder belt was used vest must be replaced if ANY of the following occurred:
    • There was injury to any of the occupants in the car
    • If any of the airbags deployed
    • If there was damage to the door next to the child
    • If the car is not able to be driven away crash
    • Any visible damage to the vest

If you were using the RideSafer with a lap-shoulder belt and a tether, the tether was a secondary restraint and may not have been stretched. If there is deformity in the metal on the tether, the tether needs to be replaced. If the metal in the tether is not deformed, the tether should be fine to continue to use.

As a certified child passenger restraint, the vest should be included in any insurance claim reimbursement. Contact us to determine your next step if you are in a crash while your RideSafer is being used.

To view more about the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations policies on replacing any child restraint after a crash, click here.

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