Car Seats Fit 3 Across - Narrow Child Restraint

Do you have multiples?
Do you have several children?
Do you carpool often?
Do you need to fit 3 children in 1 row in a vehicle?

RideSafer® Travel Vest is an easy to use, convenient way to comfortably fit 3 children in one row in your vehicle.

Whether all 3 children are the same age and in the same restraint or if their ages vary and one or two are in a RideSafer while the others are in other types of child restraint, RideSafer helps you fit 3 across in a narrow car.

One customer sent us a comparison of using car seats vs. the RideSafer® vest to fit 3 children in a row for her triplets. Here’s what she had to say: “Here are pictures I put together of how much room the vests save me. As you see in 2 pictures that if they have their fingers between the seat and door when you shut the door they will gets their fingers smashed. Then the one seat is the only one that I could find to replace my daughters seat that would fit but it has to go behind my seat because any other location it blocks the view out of my back window or the back side window and makes dangerous blind spots.” —Crystal

fit 3 across